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From "Upayavira">
Subject Re: Cocoon CLI broken
Date Mon, 26 May 2003 05:45:02 GMT

I'll happily look into this.

I presume I can download the site from the cocoon-site module?

> I've just noticed: the command-line rendering in Cocoon M2 leaves
> build/site/ full of bogus files for site: and ext: links:

> [xml-forrest ~/build/site]$ ls site*
> site_bugs
> site_changes
> site_contrib
> site_document-v12
> site_faq
> ...

I presume you're using the multiple-generation/link-view/check-extensions version?
> Also, it doesn't like non-standard extensions for files:

> [xml-forrest ~/build/site]$ ls -1 images/*.jpeg
> images/add.jpg.jpeg
> images/fix.jpg.jpeg
> images/hack.jpg.jpeg
> images/remove.jpg.jpeg
> images/update.jpg.jpeg

That looks like the traditional 'check-extensions' behaviour. Given that it appends the 
default extension for the mime-type, in this case, image/jpeg, jpeg is appended to a 
jpg file. I haven't changed this code at all, so I can only imagine that this has always 
been its behaviour (or someone changed MimeUtils). Anyway, it doesn't look very 
hard to fix with a couple of tweaks to MimeUtils (e.g adding a 
confirmExtension(mimeType, extension) function.

> And for unknown files, it appends 'null' to the filename:
> [xml-forrest ~/build/site]$ find . -name "*null"
> ./skin/breadcrumbs.jsnull
> ./favicon.iconull

Huh? Again, I'll look into it.

> Fortunately, for every wrong file, it also generated the correct file
> alongside it, so this isn't a critical problem, just an annoyance.  

Huh? Bizzarre. Again, I'll look into it.

> I propose we do not roll back, but try to fix it in Cocoon CVS.  In the
> meanwhile we can use an Ant task to try to clean up a bit.

Once I've worked out how to download the Cocoon site, none of this looks too hard to 

Regards, Upayavira

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