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From "Upayavira">
Subject Re: Is this abuse of the SourceWritingTransformer and clever sitemap
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 15:59:03 GMT

> I have been lurking for a while, and am evaluating Cocoon for use in a
> project that needs a conversion engine.  Our project does not really
> fit with how Cocoon normally seems to be used since it has nothing to
> do with on or offline generation of websites.
> I have prototyped this, and it seems OK, but before going too much
> farther, I was hoping for some input on if I am doing something that
> really shouldn't be done with Cocoon.  I am somewhat concerned because
> of this, which showed up in a google search from Steven Noels weblog
> (
> <> ).  

Question is whether you're going to use the sourcewritingtransformer in a concurrent 
environment. If you are, you could run in to threading issues if two pipelines try to 
access the same source at the same time. The SWT does do stuff to work around 
this, but I've no idea how well it does it.
> I think Cocoon is an amazing product and would like to use it for our
> content conversion, but was hoping to make sure this is a reasonable
> approach before selling it to others on my team.

As to your use of Cocoon, others may disagree, but Cocoon can be useful for 
document management where pipelined XML processing is involved. The bean 
intends to be an interface for this kind of use. Whilst the main use of Cocoon is within 
a servlet environment, that doesn't to my mind preclude its use in other environments. 
It's just a question of how far it is sensible to push Cocoon away from the 
environments it has been designed for.

Any other responses?

> Thanks to Upayavira et al for all the recent work on the Cocoon
> bean/CLI, which has made cocoon a much better option for offline work.

You're welcome. Be aware that I've got some changes coming up that'll break the 
interface on the bean. I've got code written and tested that uses ModifiableSources 
instead of Destinations, but haven't yet posted a patch for it (or maybe I should now 
be saying I haven't yet committed it!!). Hopefully soon.

Regards, Upayavira

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