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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: deploying and updating a cocoon site
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 13:58:59 GMT

Geoff Howard wrote:
> At 07:19 AM 5/21/2003, you wrote:
>> Le Mercredi, 21 mai 2003, à 13:07 Europe/Zurich, Giacomo Pati a écrit :
>>> ...Sure, but the XConfTool files are much more compact and readable 
>>> to average
>>> people as a hole xslt file. We build hole deployable Cocoon apps 
>>> using that
>>> instead of xslt's.
>> I see your point - if XConfTool is sufficient for one's need (or one 
>> wants to expand it), all the better! It is certainly easier to grasp 
>> than XSLT if one does not know either of them.
>> What would be useful though (and what I was suggesting to Miles) is an 
>> easy way to plug "configuration patches" in the build process through 
>>, I don't think this is possible now.
>> -Bertrand
> This is exactly what I started working on last night.  You can indeed 
> either
> add or replace nodes with XconfTool, and it works well.  There was a 
> recent change
> which allowed modifying web.xml in this way as well, and my first step has
> been to add a ".xweb" file to the database and hsql block that adds the
> driver info at build time.  Next step will be to modify config for uploads.


> Anyone see a problem with this?  As this is not an architectural level 
> change,
> I'm hoping to sneak this in before 2.1 reaches beta.

sharing hopes

> By the way, at the moment I'm stuck on the fact that the xconf tool (or 
> the xml
> library it calls actually) is not trying to resolve the DTD for web.xml, 
> and

I recon he _is_ trying and because he fails you are seeing the 
problem? or else I'm stuck with double negations in the english 

> I'm not quite clear how to get it to use an entity catalog (though David 
> C. has
> given me a hint that I'm not yet sure how to apply).

normally the catalog resolving is something to set on the level 
of the xml parser...

DocumentBuilder builder =....
followed by

the org.xml.sax.EntityResolver argument to pass can be the implementation from 
the resolver-***.jar which is the one from xml-commons if not 
mistaking. (see, I'm afraid you'll 
need to get it and build the docs locally, cause I can't find 
anything else then the docbook explanation in from cvs

in the docbook I found (apart from great background reading):

[1] code snippet
     CatalogResolver cr = new CatalogResolver();

[2] additionally you will need to have some in your classpath
# Always use semicolons in this list

[3]and the catalog itself of course
<catalog xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:entity:xmlns:xml:catalog">
<public publicId="-//Example//DTD Example V1.0//EN"

let me know if this is not helping you enough
(I know for sure David C is the real experienced one in this field)

> Geoff

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