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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Status of XMLForm in Cocoon
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 17:13:47 GMT
on 5/20/03 8:04 AM Ivelin Ivanov wrote:

>>A third option would be for you or your company to jump in an
>>contribute to the re-integration of into Cocoon, by
>>refactoring what's here to use the components as external
>>libraries (provided the license allows it, but I think it
>>is the case).
>>If this happens, would be in the same position as Chaperon
>>and jfor for example, which (try to) live outside of Cocoon but are
>>used here through clean interfaces.
> If you decide to go with this one, I would be available to answer questions
> along the way and maybe code up some of it. It should be a relatively simple
> task, since the XMLForm classes have mostly the same interface.

Are you implying you are not intersted in doing this yourself?

> The code base at is relatively stable now.
> All bugs submitted in cocoon's bugzilla are fixed.
> Other bugs which were reported on the list but were not submitted in
> bugzilla are fixed as well.
> The tag syntax matches this of the latest W3C XForms draft.
> New features (some of which were submitted in bugzilla) like resubmit
> control were implemented.
> As bad as this "fork" was handled from a community perspective, it allowed
> for all the improvements above to happen in timely manner.

Are you implying that these changes wouldn't have been possible if
xmlform lived in the cocoon CVS?

> The last step remaining is to write the glue (ala jfor and chaperon) between
> and C2.1.

Please, don't get me wrong: I'm just trying to understand and to avoid
that others read between the lines and extrapolate bad feelings out of this.


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