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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Apache Cocoon report for the Board, May 2003
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 14:24:53 GMT
As requested, here's the report on Cocoon's state of affairs,
essentially since it has become a toplevel-status project, in no
particular order. I do hope it gives the board a feel on how we are going.

1) Stefano resigned as a PMC Chair, and was succeeded by Steven Noels. A
separate message in this regard has been filed with the Board already.

2) This marked somehow a transition towards a better separation between
technical leadership and the more administrative/political function of a
PMC Chair, which was one of the reasons Stefano decided to step down.
The sense of liberation afterwards was tangible and enjoyed by all.

3) Clean-up of the Cocoon PMC Memberlist. The committee-info.txt now
reflects the current composition of the Cocoon PMC quite faithfully, and
new committers have been polled about their willingness to join. The
policy that all committers are also PMC member, if they want to, still
stands ATM. New or updated PMC members since lately are: Bruno Dumon,
Geoff Howard, Ivelin Ivanov, Andrew Savory and Michael Wechner, who
joins in from our incubating Lenya subproject. Pier and Sam are on our
list as well.

4) The issue with the recursive Cocoon charter still stands and will be
addressed shortly.

5) The use of the Cocoon name in the and
domain names, both offering Cocoon community resources, which had been
brought forward as something the PMC should endorse by Stefano while he
was Chair, has not been endorsed yet. We will discuss whether this is
still needed and decide/report later on.

6) Related, we still need to discuss whether content being added to the
Wiki can effectively be considered similar to code contributions, where
a CLA is required, and code becomes (c) ASF. TBD.

7) There are some emotions concerning the move of a form handling
library outside Apache CVS, hosted now on Sourceforge under - this might result in an oversight or community
problem. The Cocoon community is aware of this issue, discussion is ongoing.

8) Discussion was held to transfer some code from Cocoon -> POI. No
issues to be foreseen, no action taken yet.

9) There was some discussion about components quite central to Cocoon
who are managed inside Avalon Excalibur (for reuse by other projects).
The general direction is that Cocoon committers will be granted commit
access to the respective Avalon CVS module upon demand, or by default.
No conclusion as of now.

10) We opted for a Milestone release scheme until 2.1 is considered
final, to get out of the longtime stall in releasing 2.1. So far, two
milestone releases has been done. Mirroring support has been activated
for our website and is in active use.

11) Lenya arrived as an incubating project, and the subsequent
infrastructure request have been taken care of by the Infrastructure
team in a very timely fashion - kudos. Lenya itself has a fair amount of
traffic on its lists - and has not required any intervention of sorts
from our side.

12) We also started moving our web and internal URI naming scheme
towards reflecting our toplevel status, i.e.
for our external web presence, and for
internal (namespace) URIs.

13) Our external web presence is in the process of being refactored.

14) Stable Gump runs for Cocoon are (finally) operational and helpful.

Steven Noels                  
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center
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