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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: ASF Board Reports Due
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 13:05:39 GMT
On 19/05/2003 12:48 Greg Stein wrote:

> Our board meeting is on Wednesday. I would hope that you can complete your
> report by (say) Tuesday at noon, pacific time. That will give the board
> members adequate time to review the report before the meeting.


I'm planning to report on the following 'items' to the board (just 
quickly jotted down, I guess you'll all know what this is all about):

  - change of PMC chair
  - split between technical leadership & pmc chair role
  - 'new' PMC members (Bruno, Geoff, Ivelin, Andrew, Michael)
  - recursive Cocoon charter: still TBD
  - PMC vote on granting use of Cocoon brand to & TBD
  - report about the (moderate) friction around XMLForm fork
  - POI serializer stuff might be moving back to POI community
  - XMLUtil/Source stuff will stay at Avalon for now
  - choice for Milestone release scheme
  - Lenya as an incubating project
  - slowly starting to migrate to proper use of as 
canonical URI
  - start of changing website to accomodate toplevel status (with 
respect to Lenya)

I'll write this up tomorrow afternoon (CET), so if anyone knows about 
other major Cocoon events over the past few months the Apache board 
should know about, please speak up.

Steven Noels                  
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