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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: SoC between flow and sitemap
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 00:50:31 GMT
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> 5) you refactor some of the hacky JS into some nice reusable Java classes

any good advice on this?
I've only from some distance been looking at how the js and 
java-spaces are touching each other...

the wrapping and passing stuff seams like a recurring pattern, 
haven't got it though, would appreciate any pointers...

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> <historical-note>
> The TreeProcessor was written at a time where we were talking of 
> flowmaps, and we were thinking of writing it using an XML language. The 
> TreeProcessor is a framework for the defining the implementation of 
> Processor (the main Cocoon interface) in XML, using an evaluation-tree 
> based approach.
> The Ovidiu hacked those strange Scheme things in the scratchpad and 
> Chistopher added continuations to Rhino. And sitemap is very likely to 
> stay the only language implemented using the TreeProcessor ;-)
> </historical-note>
> So the important word in TreeProcessor is "Processor", which is the 
> interface this component implements.
> The same applies to the flow : in the view pipeline, we care about data 
> given by the flow controller, but don't care wether it's written in JS, 
> Scheme, continuation-enabled Java or stackless Python.
> So I don't see the problem of using the word "flow" in the object model, 
> as it is in no way related to the actual implementation of the flow.

(see my other reply in this same thread)
this is the comment that got me on the line of thinking where I 
question if subsitemaps aren't really quite equivalent to calling 

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