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From Yatin Shah <>
Subject sendmail action
Date Sat, 17 May 2003 01:08:53 GMT
If I define:
    <map:action name="sendmail" 
in my sub sitemap(in the actions section) and then use it 
within the sub sitmap it works fine.

However, if I use it from within a flow script as
[act('sendmail', '', {smtphost:"jasmine", from:"", to:"", subject:"sub",
then the ActionSelector does not find the sendmail action.

If the definition is moved up to the root sitemap
then the ActionSelector finds it without any problem.

Is this normal?

Also, a reminder for those who may be using sendmail:
Don't forget to include following in your WEB-INF/lib:
1. JavaBeans Activation Framework
2. Javamail
   imap.jar  mailapi.jar  pop3.jar  smtp.jar


Yatin Shah, President             
Kripa Inc.                        
Dayton, New Jersey USA                      phone:  732.329.8303
Developers of real time event driven distributed DB applications

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