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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Bundles/Blocks
Date Wed, 14 May 2003 17:26:32 GMT
BTW, something this package is wanting to support is nicely described
in this link:

It describes the difference between public and *published* interfaces.
A published interface in this library would be shared at the
partition level so that all bundles can access it.  A bundle will be
able to mark interfaces as published, but keep other interfaces and
implementations "private".

Berin Loritsch wrote:
> I am throwing together some API stuff for managing distributables,
> which I am calling Bundles.  They are somewhere in between .NET
> assemblies and MacOS Bundles.
> To really make it work, there are two major concepts to work with:
> * Bundles (the actual distributable)
> * Partitions (logical boundaries within an application)
> Each Partition defines a classloader where all the classes of the
> bundles can be loaded from.  It also provides one location to
> grab your ResourceBundle (i.e. your internationalization stuff).
> The idea is that for things like Cocoon, you can define a set
> of partitions (a partition map if you will) which reference a
> set of bundles.  The bundles have a unique name, and the same
> distributable may be used in different partitions.  The partitions
> would be isolated from each other.
> Also of importance is the difference in the way partitions relate
> and the way bundles relate.  Partitions are hierarchical, so you
> can nest partitions inside of each other.  Every application would
> have a root partition (which is where the central Cocoon/GUIApp/
> whateverApp would be loaded).  Below that would be the partitions
> that were either programatically defined or declared in a config
> file.  Bundles refer to each other, but it is up to the partition
> to satisfy that reference.  If a partition cannot satisfy all the
> references, then it will throw an exception.
> The API would provide for circular dependency checking, and prepare
> an order for loading/unloading bundles.  Each bundle will have
> a "manifest", or a list of all entries and locales supported by the
> bundle.  This will allow any one partition to refresh itself on
> demand and use the new bundles.
> The basic definition of a Bundle is a specialized JAR file that
> follows some standards.  To help with those standards, there will
> be a BundleBuilder to help assemble them programatically--which
> helps in instances where we might need dynamic bundles, as well
> as building tools (ANT integration, etc.).
> I am wanting to see if this satisfies the Cocoon and general Avalon
> needs.
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