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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Cocoon merchandise - was: Apache Cocoon logo
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 07:12:36 GMT
On 9/05/2003 8:33 Matthew Langham wrote:

>>I designed the cocoon 2.0 logo to be very easy to render (the svg is
>>minimal!) yet recognizable and easy to print on t-shirt and  other
> Hmm.. is there? I mean Cocoon merchandise? Should we set something up
> ( - or a European alternative)?
> What's the general opinion / legal-view-because-we-would-use-the-logo on
> this?
> "Recoginze fellow Cocoon'ers immediately - buy an official Cocoon T-Shirt".
> Proceeds could then go to ...... (something).

Cafepress quality sux badly - when we meet again, I'll give you my 
t-shirt with OT-logo I once did over there as a test - if I haven't 
thrown it away by then

Cafepress uses iron-on techniques, which tend to be less quality then 
screen printing. But the quality of the t-shirt itself was pretty bad as 
well (

This being said, some of you know my wife is the HRM for a local 
sheltered workplace which also does t-shirt screen printing, so we might 
as well pull off something on our own. We (OT) already did for the 

The ASF is working with, but AFAIK, they 
don't ship to Europe (

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