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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject POI block samples
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 23:50:47 GMT

----- POI samples -----

I want to reactivate the POI samples, but I have some problems with 
them. I used the Gnumeric XML files from current 2.0 CVS. Using POI 1.7 
2 test cases fail when parsing formulas. I added a debugging message on 
which formulas the parsing fails:

regress.xml: Problem while parsing: IF(AND(C8:C1000),"ALL OK","BUG!")
on STDOUT: Error: ) Expected

test-math.xml: Problem while parsing: IF(D3=E3,"PASS","NO")
on STDOUT: Error: " Expected

The formulas look ok, so I guess it's a bug in POI in that version.

So I tried the 1.10 release. But using this I can't compile because of 
changes in HSSFDataFormat in POI. Maybe somebody can help here?

And I think these examples are much to complex. They are between 22 and 
73 KB. Who should go through these files to find out how to write any 
stuff, e.g. date handling or special number formatting?

----- general problems with samples in Cocoon 2.1 -----

Another issue is the dependency on the databases block for the dynamic 
samples. Is there any possibility for samples depending on 2 blocks?

Furthermore our "Hello World" section is splitted into core stuff not 
depending on blocks and block hello world samples. This means the so 
impressive "Hello World in 25 formats" section is distributed on 
different sites.
With Tony Collen's words: "the fact that we were generating the majority 
of those samples from the same "Hello World" document and transforming 
them into all of the different formats was one of the things that made 
Cocoon so cool back when I was first looking at it." But now we don't 
have it.

----- POI block java code -----

And (to come back to POI) why has Cocoon so much POI specific code in 
its repository? For FOP only 3 classes are needed for integration in 
Cocoon, POI needs 112 (!) classes. Does everybody, who wants to 
integrate POI in his own stuff, need so much code? Is this a mistake by 
design or simply missing work on the POI project?

----- next steps -----

I will try to create simpler samples in the next days, at least for the 
currently working samples. For the rest I could need some help.


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