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From Bernhard Huber <>
Subject Using resolver inside a Selector
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 21:24:08 GMT

i was trying to extend ResourceExistsSelector,
extending the resource checking from resource existance
in context of the webapp to resource checking using resolveURI().

I have the impression that there are some hidden side-effects
of using a SourceResolver inside a Selector.

First a retrieve the CocoonComponentManager by

CocoonComponentManager ccm = null;
ccm = 

Next i retrieve the Source via:

Source src = ccm.resolveURI(expression);

and try to open its stream:

is = src.getInputStream();

Finally in the final clause i close the InputStream, and
release the source :


My questions:
1.0 Is it allowed to access the CococoonComponentManager from
inside a Selector?
1.1 Does the contract of a Selector allow to
use the CocoonComponentManager.resolverURI()?

2. Is it allowed to use ComponentManager.resolveURI(), and
just releasing the resolved Source via ComponentManager.release().

3. Are there any other side-effects of using the CocoonCompoentManager?

any comments are welcome.

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