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From (Steven Cummings)
Subject RE: AbstractLoggable to AbstractLogEnabled
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 03:14:23 GMT

It's already been done in Cocoon-2.1. Here is an example from CVS:


"Derek Hamilton" <> wrote:

>Hi there,
>I've been using Cocoon for a little while now and I noticed that the code
>uses the avalon framework AbstractLoggable class which is deprecated.  Is
>anybody working on moving the code over to the AbstractLogEnabled class?  I
>think that might be easy enough for me to get my feet wet with if there are
>no objections...?
>BTW, I looked through the CVS code and didn't see any updates on this but
>being somewhat new I could have missed it.
>Thanks a lot,
>Derek Hamilton

Steven Cummings
Columbia, MO
AIM:   cummingscs
ICQ:   3330114

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