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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: dbxml
Date Fri, 30 May 2003 22:51:15 GMT
Le Samedi, 31 mai 2003, à 00:31 Europe/Zurich, John Merrells a écrit :
> ...There is a kind-of a standard API for XML databases, but it's not a 
> very good one, and
> doesn't have the backing of an established standards organisation. So 
> the interface
> code would have to be written to our dbxml API....

I think it's the biggest problem that slows down acceptance of XML 
databases today: not having the assurance of being able to move from 
one product to another if needed, as is doable with SQL databases.

But that's not a negative comment on your product, agreeing on a 
standard API takes time and SQL has been around for ages.

> ...The license is open source... but prevents binary redistribution 
> without a license
> from Sleepycat. This is how we fund the development of the code.
> Who's the final authority for licensing decisions for the Apache 
> project?

AFAIK it's the Cocoon PMC (Project Management Comittee), but other 
committers will hopefully comment on this.

Besides distributing dbxml with Cocoon, another option might be to use 
mock classes in the Cocoon CVS to simulate the dbxml API at 
compile-time, allowing users to plug their own copy of dbxml without 
downloading it from the Cocoon project.
You can see examples of this in the src/blocks/mail/mocks/javax/mail/ 
directory of the Cocoon source tree.


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