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From Torsten Knodt <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Stammtisch Frankfurt/M Wednesday
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 20:02:07 GMT
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> >>But if you bug long enough, you get commit access so that you can patch
> >>stuff yourself ;-) so there is hope.
> >Bad, very bad. It's like root access. A half day after you have it, you
> > get phone calls at night to do something, in the callers opinion, really
> > urgent.
> Fortunately, that's totally false ;-)

> See the second paragraph at : from
> my own experience, I can tell you than in 2 years of committership,
> personal mails for Cocoon related questions is less than 10.
Good value.

> Moreover, since just because this _is_ OSS, nobody has the right to urge
> you to do something, unless you have some support contract with them. In
> that case, this is no more OSS, but a business relationship.
I know. I only had someone who forgot, that a long time ago, someone invented 
timezones. ;) Fun was, that he was only on exchange. But the answer of me was 
more a joke.

> Ah, and I don't know people reading their mails while sleeping. If there
> are, please stand up ;-)
For answers to questions of my mails and some mail accounts, I call festival 
via maildrop to inform me of the new mail.

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