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From Jean-Pierre Brunod <>
Subject Re: Cocoon CLI broken
Date Tue, 27 May 2003 11:50:55 GMT
Hello all, I write you regarding some Cocoon proxy feature. 
Here we got a problem regarding headers from original request to Cocoon.
We got an architecture with Cocoon that acts as a proxy via
HTTPGenerator towards a backend system that prints a special XML
language we written.
The problem is that those applications which Cocoon contacts need some
headers from the original request, for example the "User-Agent" and the
"X-Network-Info" (if it's a mobile phone via WAP Gateway): but looking
in the access log of those applications I see that the "User-Agent" is
"Java/1.4_04" and the original headers are not forwarded.
How can we retrieve those data without passing them in the pipeline via
a GET to the back-end applications?


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