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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: deploying and updating a cocoon site
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 15:01:58 GMT
Marc Portier wrote:
> Geoff Howard wrote:

> > By the way, at the moment I'm stuck on the fact that the xconf
> > tool (or the xml library it calls actually) is not trying to
> > resolve the DTD for web.xml, and
> not?
> I recon he _is_ trying and because he fails you are seeing the
> problem?


> > I'm not quite clear how to get it to use an entity catalog
> > (though David C. has given me a hint that I'm not yet sure
> > how to apply).

> normally the catalog resolving is something to set on the level 
> of the xml parser...

<snip good stuff from Marc about getting an entity resolver
to work via Java and xml parser/>

> let me know if this is not helping you enough
> (I know for sure David C is the real experienced one in this field)

Well thanks Marc. However it is a minefield, so i am not
calling myself an expert.

We do already have the entity resolving stuff inside Cocoon
(and now Excalibur) but that does not help here.

Geoff's need is to use a resolver via Ant during the build.
As Stephan said, this requires the "xmlcatalog" task from Ant.
That is why i pointed to the Forrest example build where we
use that task.

Geoff can you provide some patches that indicate your issue,
and we might be able to get you over this hurdle.


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