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From Bruno Dumon <>
Subject Re: SoC between flow and sitemap
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 22:39:11 GMT
On Mon, 2003-05-19 at 23:28, Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> Yes, but you have to consider how this is actually implemented. If you 
> put a farm of Tomcats behind an httpd with mod_jk, you will be 
> guaranteed that requests for a given session will always be handled by 
> the same Tomcat instance. This is called session affinity. But Tomcats 
> don't communicate with each others to exchange session or application data.
> This means that if a continuation ContA is created on Tomcat TC1, all 
> subsequent requests referencing this continuation must be handled by the 
> same TC1, and not TC2, since ContA doesn't exist on TC2. And the only 
> means you have to achieve this if servlet engines don't communicate is 
> through session affinity.
> So continuations must be bound to sessions.

Actually mod_jk only looks at a suffix appended to the session cookie,
and it shouldn't be too difficult to hack mod_jk to use a different
cookie especially for this purpose. So sessions are not really required
for this.

Bruno Dumon                   
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center                

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