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From "Pierrick Brihaye" <>
Subject Building Cocoon 2.1 on Windows 98
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 21:24:52 GMT

I'm a Cocoon user as well as a Windows 98 one.

Since I am very interested in Cocoon 2.1 progress, I've patched build.bat in
order to build it on my "system".

The problem is :

set ANT_OPTS=-Djava.endorsed.dirs=lib\endorsed
- multi-occurences are ILLEGAL --^

...and possibly other environment variables of this kind that might become
more and more usual in the future.

Enclosed, you will find a modified build.bat file that :
- is Windows 98 compatible and should remain so with other Windows systems
- cope with the dependencies (namely : tools/bin/ant.bat which obviously
uses ANT_OPTS) without having to modify them.

The patch is *very* tricky and the design could certainly be improved but...
it works :-)

I would greatly appreciate any better idea.

Now, in order to run Cocoon 2.1, I've had to change cocoon.bat :

the statement : set EXEC=""
should read : set EXEC=

Given these 2 modifications, Cocoon 2.1 builds and runs fine on Windows 98.
Could anyone believe that ?



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