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From "Andreas Kuckartz" <>
Subject Re: M2 is build
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 11:42:37 GMT
>> Regarding coordination: In the teams for which I work (the ones who are
>> "getting it" I mean ;-) we use bugzilla bugs to coordinate releases,
>> opening a bug "release X" with dependencies on bugs/tasks which block
>> the release.
>> Very useful to stay in sync on what's happening, and it's motivating to
>> see bugs being crossed out in the dependencies list as they are closed
>> ;-)
>Sounds interesting. How do you manage the dependencies?
>I'm not sure but wouldn't marking the bugs as blockers and giving
>them a correct version (latest cvs) do the same?

I suppose that Bertrand means that the Bugzilla-entries should be assigned
to a "milestone" (not milestone "---" as they are now). Using an approritate
query you can then list all entries which have to be closed so that the new
version can be released.

The "version"-attribute should be set to the earliest version of the
software which has the bug (that attribute does not make much sense for
other tasks).

The "severity"-attribute should be used according to


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