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From "Pierrick Brihaye" <>
Subject Re: Building Cocoon 2.1 on Windows 98
Date Sat, 17 May 2003 07:09:10 GMT

>As this most probably applies to a minority of Cocoon users,

Well... a minority of cocoon-dev for sure, a minority of cocoon-users
probably ; not so sure for cocoon *end* users :-)

> I'd suggest instead creating a page on the Wiki
>( describing the workarounds needed
>to compile under Windows 98.

I've spent some time thinking about it before sending the patch... but it
doesn't prevent me to write a Wiki page.

In fact, there's a real dilemna :

Page mentions a JVM 1.2+
and a Servlet 2.2 compliant servlet engine. It also mentions 2 OS : Windows
and Unix.

So... what Windows ? To me, the answer is : a Windows that supports a JVM
1.2+ and a Servlet 2.2 compliant servlet engine :-) and Windows 98 can do
that !

>Adding stuff to CVS means said stuff has to be maintained and tested
>later on, and I'm not sure if anyone from the Cocoon team is willing to
>support a win 98 build.

I could help : I'm afraid I'm going to stick to this OS for some time...

Anyway, if Windows 98 is not officially supported :

1) write it :-)
2) be consistent : remove the - if not "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" goto - stuff
in cocoon.bat : for now, it works (provided the modification to set EXEC=)
without having to use more or less tricky workarounds, but in the future ?
3) provide links to the yet to come Wiki page something like :

if "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" goto proceed
echo We don't support your platform...
echo ...but maybe the Wiki can help you
goto end

>Note that doesn't
>mention any license for senvar

I contacted the author (Ed Schwartz) some days ago. No problem for him. I
can forward his answer (received at my office).

Be sure that I fully understand everybody's position on this topic :-)



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