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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Bug 17763 (comments from external DTD cause serializer problems) solution
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2003 15:55:37 GMT
on 4/30/03 8:46 AM Bruno Dumon wrote:

> I'm looking into solving bug 17763:
> The problem is that the parser (Xerces) will produce SAX comment()
> events for comments occuring in the DTD, and that in this case the
> serializer (which is based on Xalan) will serialize invalid XML.
> The invalid XML itself is a problem with Xalan, however I think there's
> no use in preserving the comments from the (external) DTD.
> The SAX documentation for comment() says:
> This callback will be used for comments inside or outside the document
> element, including comments in the external DTD subset (if read).
> Comments in the DTD must be properly nested inside start/endDTD and
> start/endEntity events (if used).
> So this is not a Xerces problem, Xerces is allowed to generate these
> comment() events. As a solution, I propose we throw all events between
> start/endDTD away in the avalon parser component.
> If nobody sees a problem with this solution, I'll go ahead and prepare a
> patch.

Am I the only one getting sick of Xalan bugs on serialization?


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