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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] improving the session concept
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 09:11:57 GMT
on 4/10/03 3:57 AM Geoff Howard wrote:

> Ok, this is what I had assumed.  I thought there was some discussion about 
> eliminating access to the session from the flow but sounds like I either 
> misunderstood or that didn't happen.  I have yet to go through the new 
> idl docs carefully.

Yes, I proposed it but I think it's a bad idea now that I'm happily
using both of them.

I found out that there are three different kinds of flows, not two as I
previously assumed:

 1) fully stateless -> pure publishing
 2) fully stateful -> strict flows
 3) half/half -> everything else!!!

I'm pretty sure that 90% of web sites done in a modern technology belong
to #3.

#1 is where sitemap shines
#2 is where flowscript shines
#3 is where they shine if combined

the problem is that flow *requires* you to procedurarely keep track of
everything, coming in and out of the same URI and just using the
continuation (NOTE: you could store the continuation in your cookie!
doesn't necessarely have to be into the URI as all examples now show)

the problem is that, for example, you can't bookmark anything if *all*
your site is connected to one single URI! This is #2 but it never works
in real life (for example, images are normally statelessly referenced)

So, to be able to jump between one flow and another, you need sessions
and, luckily enough, all the global variables of your flow are
*transparently* set into the session if one is available.

> [OT]How's gmane working out?

It's working great! I'm using it right now :-) I moved all my email list
on news reading and found out that mozmail is even faster that way! and
now my mail is much smaller and I don't have to trim my mailbox every
couple of months. Slick.


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