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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [PMC] PMC Chair Nominations
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 20:36:02 GMT
on 4/9/03 8:48 PM Steven Noels wrote:

> On 9/04/2003 19:56 Andrew Savory wrote:
>>Is it enough to notify the current Chair or PMC that I'd like to
> The (current) PMC chair has the authority to change composition of the
> PMC at will, without consultation of the board.
> That being said, the Chair will most likely check whether the existing
> PMC members are OK with your addition. We had already the general
> consensus that all committers can be PMC member if they want, the mass
> nomination some time ago was simply a bootstrap.
> In case there would be a formal vote on your addition, here's my +1
> already. :-)

I already apologized with Ivelin privatley for forgetting to add him to
the list that was ratified by the board. I'm sorry, dude, I really
wanted to add you but then too many things happened and that was pushed
down my lightyears-long todo pipe. :-( Hope this didn't cause any bad

moreover, I would suggest the PMC to write something in the charter that
says that all committers become automatically PMC members, unless they
don't want to (for whatever reason)

Knowing Pier, he won't be part of it just to be able to say "you people
in the PMC. :-)

Anyway, first thing to do should be to have a private PMC. i would
humbly suggest *NOT* to use it, though. Only to use it for strictly
private things like security holes reports, patent issues or anything
that would scare people.

for anything related to the project which should *NOT* necessarely be
secret, *THIS* list is the one to use, just use [PMC] in front of your
email titles.

Things left to do by the PMC are:

- The PMC should clarify the intention of this project which is, as
today, recursive in nature, thus unbinding.

- ratify the voting process.

- come up with the charter

- solve the copyright issues that remain on the table

That should be it. It's more or less the dump of my PMC-related todo list.

Hope this helps.


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