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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: [GUMP] Build Failure - cocoon-block-web3
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 18:44:16 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>> compile-scratchpad:
>>     [javac] Compiling 39 source files to 
>> /home/rubys/jakarta/cocoon-2.1/build/cocoon-20030404/scratchpad/dest
>>     [javac] 
>> /home/rubys/jakarta/cocoon-2.1/build/cocoon-20030404/scratchpad/src/org/apache/cocoon/transformation/

>> package org.apache.commons.jexl does not exist
>>     [javac] import org.apache.commons.jexl.Expression;
> I'm starting to hate gump!
> Stefano.

Care to provide a bit more details about what you don't care for?

I certainly would have eased the introduction of Gump to cocoon a bit 
more gently than the way that you dove in, but I'm confident that your 
way will work out too.

Summary of what I've seen so far:

1) Gump has already found a potential future backwards compatibility 
problem that was introduced into Avalon but never made it to release.

2) Gump is getting cocoon to think more seriously about what is core and 
what is extensions.  For my tastes, the current core of cocoon still has 
too many dependencies - I tend to prefer a minimal core myself.  But in 
any case, this is not for Gump to decide as to which dependencies are OK 
and which ones are not.

If you would like a suggestion: I would remove all nags from builds that 
you don't expect to be succeeding yet on a nightly basis, and then only 
add them in when a failure would be a surprise.  Then simply check the 
builds every few days, and if you can bring another block or two online 
per week then that is fine.

- Sam Ruby

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