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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: Gump on
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 14:25:00 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:
> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>> all right, here is what I did (precisely):
>>  $ ssh
>>  $ cd /usr/serverlocal/gump/cocoon-2.1
>>  $ cvs -q update
>>  $ cd /usr/serverlocal/gump/jakarta-gump
>>  $ cvs -q update
>>  $ cd
>>  $ build gump clean
>>  $ build gump verify
>>  $ build gump scripts
>>  $ build cocoon clean
>>  $ build cocoon gump-core
>> and I get a bunch of compilation errors.
>> If I run
>>  $ build cocoon -v gump-core
>> I get
>> ...
>> dropping 
>> /usr/serverlocal/gump/cocoon-2.1/usr/serverlocal/gump/avalon-excalibur/compatibility/build/lib/excalibur-compatibility-20030402.jar

>> from path as it doesn't exist
> Don't go looking for hard answers to easy problems.  There's a perfectly 
> mundane explanation for this.  Excalibur-compatibility's build failed 
> last night.

Looking closer, there actually are deeper problems.  Ones that I don't 
have ready answers for.

First is that the path is constructed improperly.  At some point the 
base path of the cocoon directory is prepended to the fully qualified 
path to the excalibur jar.  I'm not sure why or when this is done. 
Looking at the generated file, the classpath is set up 
correctly, and no variables are passed on the ant command that would 
explain this.  I've grepped the various .properties and .xml files in 
the cocoon directory and don't see how the excalibur jars are referenced.

Stefano, if you could take a look at this, I'd appreciate it.  No need 
to look into the xslt files... simply load into your favorite 
editor and look for "cocoon;" (with the semicolon).  Immediately after 
this you will see the classpath being set up and then the ant call. 
Tell me is you see anything amis.

Even if this were corrected, however, I do see a jar in the 
avalon-excalibur/compatibility/build/lib directory.  What's odd is that 
it was built this morning, but has yesterday's date on it.  This I can't 
explain either.

- Sam Ruby

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