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From Stephan Michels <>
Subject Re: CLI ideas (long)
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 12:42:40 GMT

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, Upayavira wrote:

> A destination can be configured with a uri which identifies a
> ModfiableSource via its protocol. So instead of specifying a
> Destination, you specify a uri, and a sourceResolver identifies the
> ModifiableSource.
> Then all that remains is how to work out the actual uri of a
> particular output file, based upon the destination uri and the
> source uri.
> This can be done by specifying the source uri as a base
> and a path. The base is used to request a page, but is not appended
> to the output uri. When the source path should be inserted into the
> destination URI, the insertion point can be marked with a *, e.g.
> Ftp://*
> zip://path/*
> If no * is present, and the destination URI ends with a /, the
> source path is appended to the output uri. If it does not end with a
> /, the output URI only is used, and the source path is discarded.
> The source uri is identified by combining the base & the path
> (separated by a file separator).

Do you know the Ant mapper
Perhaps a similar facility can be used.


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