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From Björn Lütkemeier <>
Subject RE: Allow redirects inside error handling
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2003 14:42:30 GMT

> Perhaps Cocoon should detect potential infinite loops as a feature.

that would really be a very great feature solving the problem, any idea how
to implement it ;-)

But as I said: In my opinion it is not the task of the underlying system
(Java, Cocoon or whatever) to prevent or detect infinite loops. It is and
remains to be a mistake of the developer. But if he nonetheless likes to
redirect in an error handler for whatever reason, he should be able to. At
any other point of the sitemap he has this possibility, too.

> Anything more is FS.  By over-customizing the error handling logic you
> increase the chance of the error handling not reporting the right
> errors.

It has nothing to do with over-customizing. We simply say: Within an error
handler you are able to define any pipeline, except the single task of
redirects. That does not make sense! If you like to enforce developers not
to perform dynamic activity in error handlers you would have to start
forbidding SQLTransformer (since the user SHOULD not do database access),
but allow the RequestGenerator (since the information MAY be displayed on
the error page), but then it makes perhaps sense to also allow the
RequestParamAction, but forbid the DatabaseAddAction, whereas the
TraxTransformer is of cause allowed... What on earth would be the sense of
all this distictions?
Sorry, but I did not find any convincing argument in the discussion why
redirects should be impossible.


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