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Subject Re: Errorhandling for internal requests
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 14:02:02 GMT
Hi Sylvain,

we like the idea with the subprotocol and are going to implement it

Björn and Jürgen

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What's the difference between
  <map:redirect-to uri="cocoon://blah">
  <map:generate src="cocoon://blah">

Not that much, in fact... I don't think your use case can be considered
as a general behaviour that should be "hardcoded" in the sitemap engine.

If we need to tell externally to the called pipeline if it should handle
errors or not, this should go through the URI. We can either use a
particular subprotocol (e.g. "cocoon:handle-errors://blah"), or an
additional request parameter (e.g.
"cocoon://blah?cocoon-handle-errors=false"). I like the second solution
more, but we must take great care that this parameter is allowed only
internally to avoid any security hole.

But I'm still not sure it's good to control error-handling behaviour
from the oustide. At least we must have it from the inside.

What do others think ?


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