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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject caching problem
Date Sun, 13 Apr 2003 14:05:18 GMT
I have a set of pipeline snippets here that have lost all ability to 
notice changes to the file source.

ie. if I edit the file 'index.xml', changes are not seen on re-load.

<map:match pattern="index">
	<map:generate src="{iniva:content}/index.xml"/>
	<map:call resource="file">
		<map:parameter name="res" value="index"/>

<!-- 'iniva:content' resolves to : file://blah/blah -->

<map:resource name="file">
	<map:transform src="{iniva:xslt}/prepare-include.xsl">
		<map:parameter name="components" value="{iniva:component}"/>
	<map:transform type="cinclude"/>
	<map:call resource="html"/>

<map:resource name="html">
	<map:transform src="{iniva:xslt}/process-components.xsl" 
label="search"> 		<map:parameter name="res" value="{res}"/>
	<map:transform src="{iniva:xslt}/make-chapter-links.xsl"/>
	<map:transform src="{iniva:xslt}/doc2html.xsl">
		<map:parameter name="asset" value="{iniva:asset}"/>
		<map:parameter name="res" value="{../res}"/>
		<map:parameter name="prefix" value="{../prefix}"/>
		<map:parameter name="_display" value="{../display}"/>
	<map:serialize type="html-4.0"/>

This is from a sitemap that is mounted by the main sitemap, which is 
unchanged from the standard webapp in the CVS.

I first noticed this behaviour about 2 weeks ago, and it still exists 
in the current CVS.

The only way of getting the source changes to reload is by clearing the 
cache manually:


I have tried switching the CInclude Transformer to CachingCinclude, 
even skipping the 'file' resource altogether, but it makes no 

Any suggestions?

regards Jeremy

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