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From Matt Sergeant <>
Subject Re: benchmarking Cocoon?
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2003 21:36:01 GMT
On Saturday, Apr 19, 2003, at 08:48 Europe/London, Argyn wrote:

> Do you think there's a need for benchmarking Cocoon?
> It's quite often when people are introduced to Cocoon, that they ask 
> "isn't
> this supposed to be slow?" Those who work with Cocoon, probably, think 
> that
> its overhead is relatively small, that the real problems are in good
> stylesheets, transformers etc., i.e. those things which have nothing 
> to do
> with Cocoon itself. However, people consider Cocoon as a package. This 
> whole
> thing which does the job. So, the performance concern is valid.
> I've been thinking about meaningfull becnhmark for Cocoon, a la TPC. 
> So, I
> can run it, and get the number(s), and say "yeah, this is not bad on
> WebLogic..." e.g.
> If anyone was thinking about it, why not discuss it. If not, then I'll
> forget it for a while.

It has been done:

Though nobody has ever stepped up to make sure Joshua's benchmarks are 
up to date and doing the right thing, so don't flame him if they are 
wrong - send him patches.


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