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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: moving the Wiki to nagoya
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 22:03:14 GMT
On 7/4/03 22:52, "Andy Lewis" <> wrote:
>> Yes, the weekend after Sun Micro grants me a license to install VXFS on that
>> machine... We
>> actually obtained one copy of the software, but now it looks like that we
>> need an extra license
>> to _RUN_ that software (why would you buy a CD if after that you have to buy
>> a key to run it?
>> Can't they ship the two in the same nifty little package? What am I supposed
>> to do, keep the CD
>> and hang it on the wall or something? Bah)
> Trust me - sun isn't the correct PITA to blame for this one - this is a
> VERITAS product, and they
> control the keys for it...I used to manage the ebusines development team
> there, and in all
> honesty, it is amazing you can get a key at all :) (VERITAS does have some
> truely brilliant people
> btw, they just weren't involved in this part of the business...)

I am not directly involved in the process, Justyina Horwat from Sun Micro
is, but I feel her pain :-(

Darn, I hate bureaucracy...


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