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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: moving the Wiki to nagoya
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 21:35:06 GMT
On 7/4/03 18:06, "Steven Noels" <> wrote:

> Pier (and Stefano of course),
> in preparation of our F2F meeting I'm looking forward to (gee, that
> sounds way too official ;-) I would like to start thinking about the
> migration of the Cocoon Wiki to some proper ASF Java-hosting resource,
> aka 'nagoya' :-)

Fair enough...

> You were talking about a systems upgrade - which should presumably be
> done prior to moving over there, hosted by a
> full-blown Cocoon instance, and I assume also the JSPWiki installation
> should perhaps be postponed until then. Do you have any guestimate
> w.r.t. this upgrade?

Yes, the weekend after Sun Micro grants me a license to install VXFS on that
machine... We actually obtained one copy of the software, but now it looks
like that we need an extra license to _RUN_ that software (why would you buy
a CD if after that you have to buy a key to run it? Can't they ship the two
in the same nifty little package? What am I supposed to do, keep the CD and
hang it on the wall or something? Bah)

As soon as I have some news, you'll hear about it! :-)

Anyway... As soon as that gets in I'll do the upgrade. It'll probably take
two weekends, one to move stuff onto the Nagoya backup (a 6-way E3500
courtesy of an kind sponsor), do the upgrade during the week, and move back
everything the weekend after...

It is a massive task, but it's the only way in which we can guarantee the
minimum downtime and at the same time have a clean system which doesn't
carry something like 4 years of history on its drives (binaries, libraries,
and all that crap).

> JSPWiki has gone stable with 2.0.36 on 22/Feb so that's already taken
> care off. I've bugged the authors already about dropping the existing
> license in favor of some Apache-style license, alas only to effect of
> -
> and LGPL still doesn't quite cut it IMHO.
> Still, I assume the time is there to migrate the Cocoon Wiki to ASF
> resources, personal vents aside. I am very much willing, with your
> Solaris expertise alongside, to help you with the JSPWiki install &
> continued maintenance.

I don't see a problem in _running_ a GPL/LGPLed software, as long as we
don't link into it. We run actually quite a lot of GPL/LGPL in the
infrastructure, the only thing we are prevented to do from legal reasons is
to develop software (C) ASF based on it.

Once the restructure is done, I have an idea on how to implement "role"
accounts, allowing to have several people to do whatever on different parts
of the machine (like managing eyebrowse, mail archives, all the bazillion o
servlet containers we need to run, and stuff like that).

> It seems Stefano has been composing a mail alongside mine. Oh well. What
> a great way to finish the day. :-((

I didn't get it... What are you referring to?

> Slightly confused by today,

Even  more than you are...


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