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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: License and patching/forking
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 22:55:46 GMT
On 1/4/03 23:36, "Stefano Mazzocchi" <> wrote:

> Artur Bialecki wrote:
>> Thanks for the info it makes things clearer for me. But lets say
>> I do have to "fork" cocoon for the reasons you mentioned and I have
>> to name it something different. Do I have to change all references
>> to apache/cocoon in all the sources. (eg. changing
>> to and all references to that class). This sounds
>> like maintenance nightmare.
> nono, as noted before, there is nothing in the license that covers
> package names.

I suggested it in a response to Gianugo.

And not really sure about that... I noted it because IIRC in the past XML4J
was a backport from Xalan-J 1.x and was using the package names for
that reason... But either I am wrong, or someone gave some more
clarifications higher up...

Thinking out loud... What if someone modifies an org.apache.cocoon class in
an incompatible way and distributes it incorporated in a product called
"Comanche Baboon" ???


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