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From "Geissel, Adrian" <>
Subject RE: XMLForm: view/edit functions
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 07:11:53 GMT
Hi Sylvain,

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> Sent: Wednesday 23 April 2003 17:47
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> Subject: RE: XMLForm: view/edit functions
> Hi Adrian,
> Thanks for your description.
> >My approach at the time was to separate page structure 
> (form) from page
> >data, joined together by a <map:aggregate/> sitemap element.
> ***similar to XMLForm that allow to separate data (in a 
> JavaBean or XML file) and views.
> >For the data fragment, I had 3 different sources - from the database
> >(record-read, used for view/edit), from a static XML file 
> (for new defaults)
> >and from the request object (re-insert submitted parameters for error
> >handling). 
> ***I have only one source for the data: a database. To access 
> to this database, I have implemented a object-relationnal 
> mapping with a tool called OJB.
What about error handling [excuse XMLForm ignorance, but the user data 
should be round-tripped for usability]?

> >The fields in the form were bound to the data using 
> attributes containing
> >XPath expressions
> ***like XMLForm.
> The first thing (and my main problem) I need is a mechanism 
> that add a link or a button containing the "path" (ex. 
> http://view?id=215) to the page displayed.
> I think I have 2 solutions:
> - add the link or button directly in the XMLForm view => I 
> think that I need to create new tags and modify the XMLFormTransformer
> - add the link or button with the xsl stylesheet => I need to 
> modify the stylesheet
My choice at the time, FWIW, was to put application logic, links
and flow into the Form/View definitions - the HTML XSL was dumb, and should
be such. It sounds like a possible use of <xforms:trigger/> [learning :)],
but are such things allowed in listings (views?). 

Also, I guess that you'll want to put a trigger (or two) on each listing 
row - I used iterator elements in my views, allowing repeated layout 
based on data collections (self-referential, recursive XSLT - rather 
tricky, but worked well) - This looks like what <xforms:repeat/> does.
You could try putting the trigger inside such a block.

> I don't know which solution is better or harder.
> I think that I don't have only one solution.
> I'm trying to find the best solution in the "idea of XMLForm".
> Regards
> Sylvain


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