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From "Geissel, Adrian" <>
Subject RE: XMLForm: view/edit functions
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2003 07:09:13 GMT
Hi Sylvain,
While I have not explicitly used XForms / XMLForms, I have built something
similar a couple of years back (haven't we all at some point?).

My approach at the time was to separate page structure (form) from page
data, joined together by a <map:aggregate/> sitemap element. This allowed me
to combine them in different contexts. 

For the data fragment, I had 3 different sources - from the database
(record-read, used for view/edit), from a static XML file (for new defaults)
and from the request object (re-insert submitted parameters for error

The 'form' fragment was an XSP with two modes - read-only (view) or
read-write (new/edit). The reason for XSP was to allow certain fields to be
hiddem / annotated or changed structurally. 

The fields in the form were bound to the data using attributes containing
XPath expressions into the data fragment, which the xalan:evaluate extension
(now also available in EXSLT) was used to dereference. 

Once combined, the master XSLT worked the combined XML stream and to react
to the form structure to produce the (almost: i18n/CSS to come) final

In (amateur) ASCII form, the pipelines were something like:

                                            +----new/xxx.xml    <----<form2html.xslt>--A

   --- called from search result listings, similar to your scenario

   http://xxx.view   <----<form2html.xslt>--A

   http://xxx.edit   <----<form2html.xslt>--A

  --- called when a database update action failed 

   http://xxx.upd    <----<form2html.xslt>--A

To conclude - the approach worked a treat for easy to produce / maintain
forms and data sources, but the form2html.xslt file was rather complicated
(although reasonably performant, given its purpose), but this was acceptable
for the application and the team - afterall, it only had a single purpose

I hope this helps. or gives some ideas,

> From: []
> Sent: Wednesday 23 April 2003 08:10
> To:
> Subject: XMLForm: view/edit functions
> Hello,
> I'm using XMLForm to implement a web application where data 
> are stored in a database.
> Main "functions" for an application that manage data are: add 
> - delete - search - view/edit.
> The "functions" add, delete and search are (relatively) easy 
> to implement with XMLForm.
> My problem is how to implement the view/edit functions (from 
> a search result).
> My goal:
> When I search data the result looks like:
> Id	name		type
> --	----		----
> 1	test1		type1
> 3	test5		type3
> 8	test45	type1
> The idea is to add a link or a button to the result like:
> Id	name		type
> --	----		----
> 1	test1		type1		view	edit
> 3	test5		type3		view	edit
> 8	test45	type1		view 	edit
> The view and edit button/link should contain information 
> about the item (the Id) and allow to view/edit the item (in 
> another view or another XMLForm application).
> Is anyone has an experience about this?
> Thanks
> Sylvain

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