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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <>
Subject Text serializer broken in 2.0.4 ?
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 22:40:14 GMT
I've got a large XSLT that dumps out a bunch of stuff for serialization to
text.  If I wrap the text with a start and end element and run it through
the XML serializer everything runs fine.  If I substitute the text
serializer I get no output.  A little bit of debugging shows that the start
document and end document are never called.  I've tested this with Xalan
2.4.1 and Saxon and with commenting out the namespace hack: no difference.

The work around seems to be to wrap the text with pseudo XML eg:

	Generated text

But I believe this shouldn't be necessary?  Strangely enough when I do this,
the "hack" elements are not output and everything works fine. Anyone have
any ideas where the problem might lie?

The rest of the environment is Win 2K, Jboss 3.0.4 Tomcat 4.1.12 JDK

Peter Hunsberger

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