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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [Ann] Apache Cocoon 2.1 Milestone 1 Release
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2003 13:48:53 GMT

From: Torsten Schlabach []

> In my view: We write software for *users* to *use* it, not for 
> developers to build examples and enjoy them.

Correct: we write software for users to use it.

I'm sure you remember all the users complaining about "how to have a
clean sitemap". I thought that the best way of making our software
useable for users was to allow them to install it at their needs.

And I think a 5 (easy!) steps installation stage is the best we could
come up with *without* redesining the entire component model inside
Cocoon (which will happen for Cocoon 2.2 anyway).

If you don't like what you see, we are very open to suggestions on how
to improve things.

just understand that releasing a binary one-size-fits-all bundle will
get the 'how do I clean my sitemap' problem back and rampant. So, if you
want to do a binary/source release, you also have to come up with a
solution for that problem.

And, in case you come up with something you feel to propose us, we are
all ears. As usual.


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