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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Semantic analysis of the namespace URI used in Cocoon HEAD
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2003 06:57:10 GMT
On 29/04/2003 6:22 Conal Tuohy wrote:

> I think a registry of the namespaces is a great idea!
> As well as regularising the URIs, I think the namespaces themselves should
> be documented, by making these URIs actually point to e.g. RDDL documents,
> or failing that, XHTML or HTML documents at least :-)
> I don't know if the base URL would facilitate that?
> Currently that URI points to 404, so that's a good sign that it could become
> the base URI of a NS registry without breaking anything else.
>>I also propose that *everytime* code is added in CVS that
>>introduces or
>>works on a new namespace, a vote has to take place on the URI used for
>>that namespace.
> ... and a descriptive document posted to the website.

Shouldn't we look at in this perspective? It ain't 
ratified in any official way, but we are known as early adopters (even 
pioneers) in supporting this kind of infrastructure-related schemes - 
hence the xinclude-like components who have been available long before 
xinclude has become a W3C spec.

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