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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: Status of form handling frameworks in Cocoon
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2003 16:29:24 GMT
I can't speak for the Cocoon community. I can just give you my personal 
opinion. Unfortunately you're right, the status of XMLForm is a bit 
confusing at the moment. For reasons I don't fully understand, Ivelin 
decided to fork his own verion of XMLForm. Although Ivelin deserves 
credit both for implementing XMLForm and for doing a good job promoting 
it, I am not interested in working on his code base outside of Cocoon. 
But I am interested in supporting those who have already started using 
XMLForm/Flow. JXForms is simply an attempt to create a suitable 
development environment for evolving XMLForm and its integration with 
the Flow layer from this point forward..
Your help is certainly welcomed and any input you provide ultimately 
will help lead to a better form handling framework for Cocoon, whether 
XMLForm, JXForms, Woody or something else.


Johan Stuyts wrote:

>Thanks for responding to my post at the Cocoon-dev list.
>At my company we are a bit confused about the status of XMLForm/JXForms
>and other form handling frameworks. I hope you can clear things up a
>We evaluated XMLForm, but it is not mature enough for our needs. We've
>also evaluated Struts and unfortunately it looks like Struts doesn't
>make it easy to implement some use cases either.
>We have a project which needs to be finished soon, so we will probably
>choose the framework which will get the job done for now (might even be
>In the future though we are very interested in a framework in Cocoon.
>And although XMLForm didn't meet our demands right now, we think it is a
>great and easy to use framework. Especially in combination with Flow.
>What we are wondering about is where to focus on. Although a lot of
>people like XMLForm there are a lot of opinions about how it should be
>used/packaged. Is there a centralized effort within the Cocoon community
>to analyze the requirements and further develop XMLForm (or another form
>handling framework)?
>Johan Stuyts
>Johan Stuyts, Software Department
>Hippo Webworks
>Grasweg 35
>1031 HW Amsterdam
>The Netherlands
>Tel +31 (0)20 6345173
>Fax +31 (0)20 6345179
>johan(at)hippo(dot)nl /

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