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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: XML Form use cases
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 10:22:53 GMT
Johan Stuyts wrote:

>At our company we are going to use XMLForm & Flow to build an
>application. It is working great, but we have run into some problems (or
>think we are going to) with the following use cases:
>Use case A: Add an item to a list of items
>As part of a larger form the user can enter zero or more subitems.
>Initially the form will have space for 'n' items, but the user must be
>able to add extra lines to the form. (e.g. a form with personal details
>with a list of favorite URLs)
>However, the validation that occurs on the form should not be performed
>when the 'add line' button is pressed, but should be performed when the
>final 'commit' button is pressed.

I have a modified version of XMLFormTransformer on my HD that allows 
this : you can flag a <xf:repeat> so that it's also inserted as a 
template after the "normal" instances. This template is then used on the 
client-side to add new instances of the repeat contents, without going 
back to the server.

>Use case B: A button per item
>A lot of forms contain lists. It is handy to add one or more buttons to
>each item sometimes. (e.g. a 'delete' button for each item in a shopping
>Use case C: Action buttons for different flows
>Some forms can have multiple submits which select different flows
>through the application. (e.g. a login screen with a user name, password
>and 'login' button, and an email address and a 'send my login details'

I just ran into this need and I'm happy to see that it's now 
implemented. Thanks, Christopher !



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