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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Fortress Release Candidate 1 new features
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2003 14:42:24 GMT
To get you guys salivating, this shameless plug will give you a
heads up on new Fortress features:

1) Roles file is no longer needed!
     - You can keep track of important meta information like the
       configuration name, role, implementation, and lifestyle
       all with the component where it belongs.
     - If you use the supplied ANT task, your JARs will have all
       the meta information in the right places.  No editing the
       same information in multiple files anymore!
2) All components are proxied to provide a safer environment.
     - You have a choice between BCEL generated proxies (MUCH
       faster at runtime) and standard JDK 1.3 proxies.
     - If you don't want BCEL proxies, don't include BCEL.jar.
       Fortress is smart enough to disable them and revert to
       JDK 1.3 proxies.
3) Much more thoroughly tested than ECM.
4) Support for Cocoon specific extensions.  You can now add new
     lifecycle stages at init, destroy, access, and release times.
     - Perfect for setting a component's environment when it is
       accessed (i.e. request, session, etc.)
5) Tunable asynchronous management facilities.
6) Smarter component pools
     - The pool size is managed asynchronously, and allows the
       pool to grow as large as is needed during times of high
       load.  The pool size is trimmed to normal operating
       parameters when there is low load.
     - The adaptive nature of the pool size means you don't have
       to tune them yourself!
     - The new pool respects the old Recyclable interface, but
       provides a new one.
7) Native support for LogEnabled and Serviceable as first class
     - The (soft) deprecated Composer and Loggable interfaces are
       still supported to ease migration.
     - Components don't have to implement the Component interface,
       because Fortress automatically adds that interface to the
       component proxy.

If you want to play with it now, you can get the release candidate
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