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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [Bug] default reader depends on JTidy!!!
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2003 19:23:18 GMT
On 22/04/2003 17:35 Peter Royal wrote:

> They are. I use the XMLUtil components that are in avalon-excalibur 
> independently of Cocoon (Namely the parsers and xslt components).

I stand corrected, then. XMLUtil _is_ used outside Cocoon, but I doubt 
whether that would not be the case if these classes were stored in some 
util package inside Cocoon... (see below)

> Its hard to gauge usage on software pieces that work as advertised, 
> because you don't have people asking support questions :)

I hardly believe someone with your credentials counts like normal 
'people', Peter: you _are_ a Cocoon/Avalon committer, so either way you 
would know about their existence, and would know how to fix them without 
much fuzz if they didn't work for you ;-)

Anyway, as I don't see point in keeping them there, I don't see the 
point in moving them neither - so giving Cocoon committers karma-on-call 
seems like a pragmatic solution to me.

I just didn't like all this to be fitting into some Grand Component 
Repository Scheme, that's all.

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