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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Re: Last-Modified and If-Modified-Since on pipelines
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2003 16:18:51 GMT
Miles Elam wrote:
> I added a last modified (long value) property to the CachedResponse 
> object so that the environment and servlet engine could respond to 
> If-Modified-Since headers and reduce network traffic.  The idea being 
> that the cached response, a byte array, comprised the last valid 
> timestamp for the entire matcher/request.  It doesn't apply to any 
> specific resource in the pipelines and matchers and so has no component 
> author-accessible methods and is immutable.
> I've only tested it on the default front welcome page (simple 
> XML->XSLT->XHTML) with wget, but it seems to work just fine.  The first 
> access doesn't set Last-Modified just as it doesn't set Content-Length;  
> The stream wasn't buffered on the first access.  However, all subsequent 
> accesses have the header, and if the client sends an If-Modified-Since 
> header, a 304 with no body is sent correctly.  Changing any piece of the 
> pipeline correctly invalidated the cache and regenerated the 
> CachedResponse object (with a new timestamp), so no regressions in that 
> case that I can see.
> Simple patches but one that folks behind a proxy or limited bandwidth 
> line might appreciate.

Cool work, Miles! This would be one step further towards real 
proxy-friendliness of Cocoon: once Etag support is there we would be 
really close to proxy nirvana (not only for people behind a proxy but 
also for Cocoon used with an http accelerator in front of it). Could you 
please submit your patch to Bugzilla so that it doesn't get lost? I plan 
to review and commit it shortly (and will possibly need your help in 
testing and documenting it), but have no CVS access ATM.

Thanks for this contribution,

Gianugo Rabellino
Pro-netics s.r.l.

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