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From "Upayavira">
Subject Re: CLI caching, etc
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 19:56:30 GMT
> >>Before you go further with this... Look at method
> >>isResponseModified() in [1].
> >> 
> >>What you need to do is to:
> >>1. Implement method isResponseModified() for command line
> >>environment. 2. In the CLI, get the file corresponding to the
> >>request URI, and get its last modification time. 3. Populate
> >>environment with this modification time (this will be similar to
> >>If-Modified-Since date header in http). 4. Call cocoon. It will skip
> >>generation if response is not modified, and won't even read it from
> >>cache.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >Very interesting. So Cocoon can tell me if something has been
> >modified. Great. 

> Yes, and it works in http env.

I've implemented something around this, with a cache that seems more or less to 
work. However, when I run org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon.process(), my methods that 
I've implemented on the AbstractCommandLineEnvironment do not get called (i.e. 
isResponseModified and setResponseIsNotModified). What do I need to do to get 
Cocoon to actually call these methods on my environment?

> >Once I've got this going, I'll get on with attempting a VFS
> >ModifiableSource (probably once I've had a three week holiday in
> >South Africa!).

> 3 week... Lucky you.

But it'll be three weeks without Cocoon :-(

Regards, Upayavira

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