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From Boon Hian Tek <>
Subject Re: SQL Transformer
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 12:59:43 GMT
Irving Salisbury wrote:

> At our company, we have now had two instances where we would have like 
> to extend the SQLTransformer. 
> For one of them, we wanted to do paging utilizing the ResultSet 
> methods setFetchSize and absolute().  The current PagingTransformer 
> loads the entire ResultSet in, which wouldn't work for our enromous 
> ResultSets. We succesfully wrote this, but the way we had to do it was 
> to take the existing SQLTransformer and "hack" into it.  It was not 
> very easy to get at the very reusable class Query 

I just realized that too. I almost wanted to go through what you did. 
Any chance you can share the mods you made and
is using? Or is it proprietary code?


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