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From Irving Salisbury <>
Subject SQL Transformer
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 12:52:17 GMT
At our company, we have now had two instances where we would have like 
to extend the SQLTransformer.  

For one of them, we wanted to do paging utilizing the ResultSet methods 
setFetchSize and absolute().  The current PagingTransformer loads the 
entire ResultSet in, which wouldn't work for our enromous ResultSets. 
 We succesfully wrote this, but the way we had to do it was to take the 
existing SQLTransformer and "hack" into it.  It was not very easy to get 
at the very reusable class Query that you guys wrote, nor to get at the 
ResultSet.  In our workspace, we pulled out the Query class and made 
some of its variables reusable.  We also tried to separate the Query 
class from its parent class, as there were some state variables that the 
SQLTransformer kept for the Query class.  We got this done, but giving 
it back to the community is not something we want to do because of the 
"hacking" we had to do.  We had to limit the multiple query feature of 
the SQLTransformer as well as assume our stored procedures returned a 
ResultSet.  Neither of these things we felt would be good to give back.

For the second one, we wanted to be able to do our own prepared 
statements and reuse that for multiple queries, and to also do batch 

In both of these cases, a more layered SQLTransformer would have been a 
big help.  There are a couple of things that would have worked great for 
us and that I think could be implemented.  

1. The parsing and replacement features of the SQLTransformer could be 
separated.  Setting up an SQL statement with the substitute-value stuff 
and the parsing you guys do would be very reusable for others building 
SQL like transformers.  
2. The Query class as a seperate and not so tied in class.  It has some 
very reusable methods, and could be used by other SQL like transformers.
3. Possibly a more layered approach, with an AbstractSQLTransformer that 
does the parsing and sets up queries, but then you can subclass and 
actually execute the queries in the way your transformer needs?  The 
kind of pattern that the AbstractSAX transformer uses that makes it such 
a good class to subclass.

Thanks for listening.  This is such an important Transformer that I 
think a little bit more reusability would be a great thing!


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