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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Testcases for Cocoon components
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 12:51:22 GMT
>>Regarding the classes: I think testing should be handled explicitly in
>>the build system. Just like the core - no block.
> Thanks Thorsten and Bertrand,

without the "h" ;)

> I would first start with smallest piece, and then we could add testcases
> for complete pipelines. It shouldn't be difficult to write a
> PipelineTestCase.
> But anyway, the current problem is that we doesn't build a jar for the
> test folder. So we can't get them into the classpath of other gump
> projects, like for a block.
> Does it make a sense if we build a jar from the test folder? No, because
> there also normal testcases, which aren't reusable.

Sorry, didn't get your argument. I think it's totally ok to build
a testcase jar where all the testcase classes will end up. IMHO it
should include the general testcase classes and maybe all the block's
testcases. Or do we want to be able to even drop in block testcase's
at runtime?? Hm... would be cool - you could check at runtime if the
block works on that particular installation - but might be FS.

> So, I don't know ?-|

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