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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Excalibur Phase II Components Released
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2003 13:46:44 GMT
The Avalon team is proud to anounce Phase II of the Excalibur components
release.  Excalibur is a set of components and utilities designed to
make component based applications easier to develop.  This set of
components is:

Excalibur Compatibility--Legacy tools that are no longer supported*
Excalibur Configuration--Tools to validate and manage configurations
Excalibur DataSource   --Pooled connection handling
Excalibur Event        --Event and command programming tools
Excalibur Monitor      --Monitor resources and notify listeners
Excalibur SourceResolve--Resolve URIs of any type
Excalibur Thread       --Thread Pools

* The Avalon team is discontinuing support for some libraries, and the
   old code is kept here to provide backward compatibility.  It is highly
   recommended that you migrate away from these utilities.  All the
   Avalon new Avalon code (any code released since 2003) is completely
   free of these dependencies.

The libraries that are discontinued, and their preferred replacements

Excalibur CLI --> Jakarta Commons CLI
Excalibur Concurrent --> The Doug Lea Concurrency Utilities
Excalibur Collections --> Jakarta Commons Collections (2.1+)
Excalibur IO --> Jakarta Commons IO (scratchpad)

To alleviate any fears, and to provide advance notice, the Avalon
team is slowly working towards only supporting three classes of

* Avalon Framework
* Avalon Containers (code that runs components)
* Avalon Components

We want to make Avalon work right out of the box, and the less
software we have to support the better we can achieve our goals.
The bulk of our attention will be given to the Framework and
the Containers.

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