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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] VelocityGenerator
Date Sat, 12 Apr 2003 21:31:51 GMT
I've incorporated Albert's patch (with slight modifications for backward 
compatibility) into FlowVelocityGenerator in the scratchpad. This should 
also make it backward-compatible with the current Velocity generator. If 
the flowscript objects aren't present, then it behaves as before - but 
with Albert's enhancement that makes properties of the various scopes 
available directly in the Velocity context. If the flowscript objects 
are present, then they will be available in the context and "hide" 
corresponding properties from the various scopes. Finally, the 
flowscript bean object is now available under the name "flowContext" 
instead of under the name "this".

Thanks, Albert.

 I also recently modified FlowVelocityGenerator to provide more useful 
error reporting when the XML document generated from a Velocity template 
is invalid.

Any testing of these changes is appreciated. Assuming it's bug-free and 
backward-compatible, I'd like to replace the existing Velocity 
generator. Let me know what you think.



Albert Kwong wrote:

>Hi there,
>    I am new here, please bear with me. :)
>    Here's a patch to VelocityGenerator that does
>several things:
>    1. Fixed property loading problem.
>    2. Fixed marco loading problem by lazy loading the
>template engine.
>    3. Added (borrowed from
>velocity tools subproject) so that objects in the
>session, request etc contexts can be accessed directly
>from velocity templates without specifying session. or
>request. as prefix.
>    Hope you find it useful.

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